Craps is a gambling game played with a pair of dice. This game is played with single or multiple players against each other or the casino. Craps is one of the oldest gambling game and popular around the globe even today.

The game of craps of completely unpredictable as the results of a particular round does not have any impact on the next round. Craps is one game that requires fewer tools as compared to other casino games.

By far craps is one of the oldest gambling games and popular around the world. Craps rules may be a little complex to understand but with craps online one can get complete information on how to play craps.

Players can play free craps online as much as they aspire. There are demo games and online help available online to help new players understand the game better. New player who are playing the game for the first time get to know in-depth information of the game.

Online casinos have software where in players can play without paying any money to get hands on the game. Craps online has become a favorite amongst many in a small amount of time. The game of craps is unpredictable and the results are completely based on the roll of the dice.

Craps online is equally thrilling as in land casinos. The atmosphere for online craps is almost that of a land casino craps table. You will hear people screaming, cheering, winners shouting like you do at a land casino.

How to play in Сraps online?

There are many internet casino games that you can play online. Online casinos offer a huge array of games to select from. Craps online is one of the most striking games on the internet today. Craps online is played from all over the world. Players do not have to wait for their turn to play craps online as compared to a land casino where a craps table is crowded. One has the liberty to play as and when he wants.

Roll the dice become a shooter

Craps is played online at a large extent where players from all around the world can play against each other or the casino. The result of the game depends on the rolls of dice. All the players get a chance to roll the dice in turns and the player rolling the dice is called the shooter for that round.

To begin playing craps one has to place a minimum bet on the table and gets to shoot as well. You are given multiple dices and the shooter is supposed to select two. There are pass line bets and don’t pass line bets that players can place and accordingly the odds are set. After players have placed the bet a carp roll is initiated where in if the shooter roll results in a 2, 3 or 12 he is crap out and the bets are lost for a pass line bet where as the don’t pass line bets win.

A craps roll resulting in 7 or 11 on a dice is knows as a natural, where in the pass line bets win and don’t pass line bets lose. The dealer then initiates the point where in the shooter keeps rolling the dice until the point or seven is achieved.

Players can also bet on craps table without being the shooter if the dealer “On” button is switched on. Casinos might accept your bets without you being the shooter. If the on button is off then you will have to wait for the come out round to get over.

Type of bets

Apart from single roll bets there are multi roll craps bets that players can play. Here multiple turns of dice are rolled to achieve an out come of the game. There may be a lot of variation for rules regarding multi roll bets from casino to casino.

There are various kinds of bets players can place in a single round. The most common bets are line bets that is pass line bets and don’t pass line bets, single roll bets where in an out come of the round is achieved in a single roll of the dice., multi roll bets are bets where the shooter rolls the dice more than once to achieve a result for that round. The big bets in the game of craps are called the big 6 and big 8. Where in players bet for 6 or 8 to be rolled before 7. The payouts for this bet are 7:6. Some casinos do not entertain these bets.

Easy to play and learn craps online

Craps is one of the most popular dice games. The rules to play craps online are exactly the same. The game is played with two dice. If the initial throw results in 7 or 11 are a win for players where as 2, 3 or 12 loose the bet.

However, what makes craps online different is that the players do not have to pass the dice in turns. There are shortcut buttons available with the craps table. Some online craps sites lets you place you bet on the table, while others provide a chart to place you bet.

Once you have placed you bets the dealer switched on the “On” button for the game to be played. To roll the dice you will have a button that reads roll. When you click on it you will see two dice rolled on the table and the results are clearly highlighted on the table.

Players can see the odds when they point the mouse cursor to the spot where they intend to place their bets. There is voice options available as well, where in you can interact with the dealer on the table. This feature is offered when you are playing a live game of craps online.

Craps online is a great opportunity for new players to experiment and explore the game. Players can avail enticing bonuses when enrolling to play craps online. You won’t have to pay a penny to try out craps tactics when learning to play.